Green Rows Of Waltham (GROW) sign up

Green Rows Of Waltham [GROW] is a volunteer-run, organic garden project at the Waltham Field Station on Beaver Street. We rent out 15-foot by 15-foot garden plots for about $25 a year. Once you have a plot, you can return to the same one year after year, as long as you keep it organic and productive and follow the garden rules. You do not need to be a Waltham resident. You do not need to be an experienced gardener, but you must be committed to the hard work of keeping up a plot for the full season, and to doing a small share of the common work of the garden community: mowing, turning compost, repairs and maintenance, etc.

You can join our waiting list if you would like a plot in the GROW community garden. The list is very long, and it may take a year or two of being on the list before you get a plot.

We'll be in touch each winter to re-confirm your interest and update your contact info - new gardeners are assigned plots in March and April.

To get on our waiting list, paste this form, with your information added, to an email with subject of "GROW sign up" and send it to Scott at Items in parens are optional.

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