GROW Water System Instructions

Turn On

  • Use the main valves to turn on the water.

6 Water Lines

  • There are 6 separate lines supplying water to the gardens, each designated by its own color. The color of each handle matches the spigot color in the gardens.
  • All colored handles should remain open at all times, even when the main valves are closed.
  • If a colored handle is closed, inspect for signs of a leak in that line. (See Water Emergency Instructions)

2 Main Valves

  • The lower main valve controls the orange, white, and blue spigots.
  • The upper main valve controls the green, red, and yellow spigots.

Turn Off

  • Use the main valves to turn off the water.
  • Release the pressure on the system by opening main spigots, letting the water drain from the short hoses. Close both main spigots when drained.

Main valve - open position

Main valve - closed position

  • The last person to leave the garden should close both main valves.

Orange, White, and Blue lines

Green, Red, and Yellow lines

Open position

  • All colored handles should remain open at all times.
  • If there is a leak in one of the water lines, turn off only the valve handle which matches the color of the leaking spigot.

Water Emergencies

If you notice any of the following:

  • Broken spigot
  • Broken pipe
  • Ground around a spigot is saturated with water


  • Turn off the line valve handle at the hydrant that matches the color of the spigot at the suspected leak area.
  • Get a "repair needed" tag from the shed bulletin board and hang it on the closed line handle.
  • Contact a Water Master and describe the problem and the line color.

Water Masters

Here is a Map of the water system

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