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Coronavirus rules

We are happy to say that the water has been turned on! We have taken the hoses out of the sheds, please feel free to grab one for the faucet near your plot. If there aren't enough hoses in good repair, let the Steering Committee know ( Please assume that the hoses and faucets are contaminated and protect yourself by bringing hand sanitizer or wearing gloves. You will notice some hand sanitizing dispensers by the shed and main water pipes. They are a bit of an experiment. Please enjoy their use but don't count on them always being full. There is no longer a need to turn the water off and on at the shed when you arrive or leave the garden.

Now that the grass is being mowed regularly make sure to wrap up the hoses on their stands when you finish using them.

Remember that you need to have your plot planted by June 1! Plot inspections will start in early June. We'll be looking to make sure your plot looks tended.

Happy gardening! Looking forward to seeing you at the garden wearing your masks!


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